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We at 7 Chords Music and Arts Academy , Pune teach guitar in a very simple way . We follow standard teaching techniques so you just pick up the instrument very fast and easily. Come and talk to our students you will feel the difference and because of our these techniques we got so many references. We try to induce music to your soul your deep conscious. We are one of the topmost guitar classes in Pune.

Just hold that most amazing music instrument in the history of music for glamour it carries with it and charisma attached to it. Who does not like to listen to “welcome to hotel of California”? The magic that guitar has created in the song is to long for salvation. Who does not want to listen to epic Brian Adams, the craze, the energy and that high feeling is worth a lifetime of exuberance. Guitar is almost used in most of the genres of music and gives the soul to composition. Once you hold this piece of magical instrument you will fall in love with yourself once again for treating yourself with the amazing life journey that runs parallel to your rotten and routine life.

Just BREAK that rut hold the guitar can conquer the World !  So if you are looking for guitar class in pune, here at 7 chords we want to give that piece of instrument a golden touch and make your life happening for that very essence of lonely soul.

Everyone loves guitar and sweet intoxicating sound it produces. Guitar is a string instrument and chords based instrument, there are normally six strings and by  makes sound if you touch these strings with small piece of plectrum  or strikeroriginal_jumbo-tones-santos-rosewood-guitar-plectrum

There are  types of guitar. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Semi-electric Guitar.

The Guitar is a stringed musical instrument with six or twelve strings that is played by either plucking or strumming the strings. It is one of the most popular instruments in the world. If an individual were asked to identify a guitar most people would answer the question correctly more so than they would if they were asked about another instrument. When people think about famous guitarists, they more than likely think of famous rock and roll guitarists and do not think about the many other famous guitarists in other musical genres such as jazz or country. The guitar is a well-known instrument that influences many musical genres including Country.