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 Indian classical music which is mainly associated with the Hindu traditions  music is based on elements like suit Swara Raga and Tala.

• Swaraj are the categories of musical sounds related to the music.

• Ragas are basically the arrangement of the Swaraj in different sequences.

• Tala : the rhythm element of Carnatic music is mainly known as Tala. it is actually the sequence of Beats performed by Carnatic singers using hands and fingers at Fixed time cycle.

Hindustani music is related to the northern part of India is highly influenced by Islamic and percent culture. the way of singing musical instrument and regards used in Hindustani music are very much similar to that of foreign styles. but both Hindustani music and Carnatic music says the concept of Raga Tala. Hindustani music starts with the alap, which is a slow detailing of Raga and it may last for sometime depending upon performer. instrumental music plays are very important role in Hindustani music. Khayal ,dhrupad, Tarana ,tappa ,Tumhari and ghazal are some of the important form of Hindustani music.

• Khayal is the name originated form of of an Arabic word which means ' imagination 'and is the new style of singing in North India.

• Dhrupad is the oldest form of Hindustani classical music and is still widely used. in this the portion of the poem is used in a repeated manner and is mentioned as a refrain.

• Tarana is another form of Hindustani music that consists of fast paced song which will chanted at the end of a concert.

• tappa is a famous for its rotating Paes and the fast construction. it is a form of semi classical Hindustani vocal music which is originated from Punjab.

• Tumhari is another form of semi classical Hindustani vocal music which is very popular in up and it creates a romantic mood.

• Ghazal is a very popular form of Hindustani music which is based on Urdu language poetry.