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The 7chords Music and Arts Academy aims to provide quality music training.We strives to identify and nurture talents. We aims to provide means and methods to not only learn and understand music but also appreciate it.

The ukulele (pronounced)from the Hawaiian ʻukulele, pronounced is a musical instrument with four strings. It is also called the uke for short. Ukuleles are part of the guitar family of instruments. The strings are usually tuned G, C, E, A' or A, D, F#, B. Ukuleles normally have nylon strings or gut strings.

Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Sopranino and bass ukuleles also exist. Sopraninos are tuned to standard tuning, however, baritone ukuleles are tuned to D, G, B, E (the top four strings of a guitar). Bass ukuleles are tuned E, A, D, G (bass guitar and double bass tuning).

The ukulele was invented in the 19th Century in Hawaii, where people got the idea from small guitar-like instruments known as cavaquinhos brought to the island by Portuguese sailors.